Web Media: From Mobile to Local

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Web Media: From Mobile to Local

    In school we learned about the five W’s and one H or ‘Who What Where When Why How’ for delivering compelling written content. This was an easy way to remember all the necessary points for informative reporting. While Schema markup and Open Graph protocol gain more importance and Paid Marketing Campaigns target regions, demographics and interests to name a few; it is vital to relay that old phrase once again in a new context. Because search ranking and content relevance play big into Conversion Rate and Cost Per Click (CPC), let’s revisit the whole ‘Who What Where Why How’ again ‘When’ is obviously, now.

Who: Is this media targeting correctly?

    A/B Testing (particularly for Landing Pages) can help you decide what your visitors are looking for exactly and how they want it presented to them.

    User Interaction also answers this question. Seeing how visitors interact with your web media can determine not only if you are using the correct coding language to enable them to influence the media, but how they feel the interaction serves them. Free sites like uitest.com can help you understand how everyone and everything else on the web may see your website.

What: Is the structure of this media for both crawl bots and the sales funnel?

    Arranging data folders, sub-folders and files in a natural way depending on relevance to each other is important to search engine ranking. Search Engine Optimization SEO keywords should also be used in a way that have common keyword inference and reflect the manner in which one would browse the media.

    How media is presenting the subjects and how that flows into the sales funnel is one of the most important and overlooked attributes to search ranking. The User Experience of the media will determine the overall effectiveness of the conversion(s) and campaign.

    Notice the how the core axis image below uses the single SEO keyword ‘Degree’ and relates it to each layer of the keyword strategy, as well as how they relate to each other (or are not connected) from a sales funnel standpoint.

SEO Keyword Strategy

Where: Is this website correctly targeting regions?

    Geographically targeting Landing Pages is severely important. Geotargeting creates a more solid relationship with visitors and it helps the search engine rank by letting search engines know you are specifically interested in that region. Geographically targeting an entire website in content, domain and search optimization is a strong practice as well.

    Listing your business in directories and including a physical address lets search engines know you exist outside of the web and makes your search ranking improve.

Why: Is this media relevant to the search engine’s end user?

    While back-links from .ORG, .GOV and .EDU websites are still strong tactics, technically you can’t even ask to be back-linked anymore. Therefore be sure to create great content and be involved with some websites that have to file with more than just whois.org.

Social Media is a great way to create organic relevance through both keywords from incoming links and social interaction. But the big idea to search engines is to see other users sharing and interacting with your account(s). A bot does not know it is a bot and likewise who else is a bot except by third party authenticity (see above) and actual user interest. So that Social Media exchange is more important than Social Media activity (x10) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) is how both organically relevant incoming links and Social Media exchange are achieved.

How: Are your goals being reached?

    The majority of web users are now browsing with tablets and smart phones. So much that Google will now penalize your website for not being tailored to these devices. Responsive web design is more important than ever not only for search ranking but for the conversion funnel.

    Lastly and almost most importantly, that conversion funnel takes center stage. Different than a simple sales funnel, which streamlines topics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords in a natural way towards the conversion. The actual conversion funnel is like asking ‘I am ready to convert before I even loaded the website. How many clicks does it take me to make contact?’ If it is more two you should reenvision your media.

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